Shipping / Delivery

Do you deliver to my country?
We are proud to inform we are able to do worldwide shipping.

What are the costs for delivery?
You do the shopping, we do the shipping. Therefore worldwide delivery is FREE.

Is there a minimum order required?
There is no minimum order requirement for free shipping. 

How long will it take to receive my order?
Depending greatly on your location, delivery range may be 1 - 3 weeks after processing. Processing duration will not take more than 5 working days. However you will be able to track your orders after you have made your purchase. 

Where do you ship from?
Our product ranges from all over the world. Therefore depending on your location, delivery time and duration may vary. Do note that as we have multiple suppliers, items may be delivered separately. 

What about taxes, if there is?
Being that our suppliers are from all over the world, taxes may vary depending on your location which buyer should be responsible for custom tax and duties (it hardly happens because our items are too cheap to be taxed).

Are you able to arrange for urgent deliveries?
Due to the shipping date range, we will strongly advise not to make any urgent purchase for immediate events / occasions. Please make purchases earlier. 

Can I deliver to another address, other than my card billing address?
Yes, it is possible once the purchase transaction is completed. However please ensure that the delivery address is a valid location.

What if i entered a wrong or incomplete address?
As we are delivering worldwide, we won't be able to judge if the details of every address for a specific location, alley, house or etc of a country is rightful or incomplete. Therefore please ensure that the address entered is correct. In any situation that the delivery fails due to wrong/incomplete address or recipient not answering the door, there will be no refund or re-delivery.