Affiliation Program

We are paying you! Yes, it's true.
JFlyte offers affiliation program for any enthusiasts who wants to earn money. By spreading the word and promote us to your friends, followers, family members, anyone and you will be shared 15% cash commission of the sales made. 

How it works:
- On sign up, you will be given a link of our website to be placed at your website, posts, comments, etc.
- Anyone who clicks the link to reach our page and completes a purchase, you get paid.
- That's it!

FAQs about this program:
Why do I need to sign up?
- This is so that you can track your records and most importantly the details for us to pay you.

Most preferred way of payment?
- We believe strongly in cyber safety and security, all payment will be made via Paypal. Therefore we strongly recommend to have a Paypal account. We do not transact via cash and bank transfers.

The main currency used?
- USD will be the main currency. 

OK, where do I get started now?
- To sign up, simply click the button:

Jflyte affiliation program